Tom wants to lower your taxes

Once again Mr Hart is attempting to rewrite history.

I voted to send the charter package to the legislature because it included a city manager form of government. I didnt vote to raise taxes and voted against fee increases. The record is clear.


— In, thomas hart wrote:
> Sharon,
> I am glad to see that Mr roche came around to my way of thinking. Â I voted to lower taxes to 7.5 mill and raise the homestead to 50,000. bob and council raised the mil from 7.5 Â to 8. -the charter cap. Bob made the motion to send to the state legislature a set of charter changes which included:
> 1. take off the cap on the millage rate allowing 30%+ tax increases.
> 2. lower the homestead to 25,000 from 50,000 (a regressive  tax increase on the lowest income people)
> 3. legalizing the sale of development bonds  ( to pay developers using taxpayer money and more sidewalks to nowhere with telephone poles in the middle) Pork Payola!!
> 4. misc property tax increases.
> Instead of cutting the pork spending, Bob and the coucil are trying to raise our taxes to tax their way out of the mess.

If bob thinks the message is clear that may explain a lot of things. He needs to see dr Heaven for a new set of glasses. The boy has trouble with his reading glasses…

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