Financial Troubled Doraville Hires more Consultants

The city of Doraville has lost millions of Dollars over the past three years while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a stream of consultants.
for example:
$150,000 for gm site consultant for 2 months work – no results
$ 18,000 for a junk bond salesman no results
$ 80,000 for site drawing and oversight- result telephone poles in the middle of the sidewalk, a 1940’s 20 foot wide sub standard roadway instead of the required 28 foot, and a $25,000 area in back of city hall for saturday night cattle auctions.
$ 750,000 for $10,000 sidewalk drawing and then giving themselves an award for the substandard work.
$ 110,000 for a zoning ordinance that had to be thrown in the trash can which resulted in the city losing half of a 500 acre commercial development to the neighboring city.
1.2 million on a 1 acre park in the floodplain – the kids have to wear hip boots to use the swing sets while swatting the swarms of mosquitoes.
The city has lost 70% of its savings during this period with nothing to show for it!
The list got longer monday with the hiring ( using the mayor’s 5,000 cash account) to hire two more consultants.
What for you ask! The city has a certified city clerk , a mayor, and her over paid assistant to hire a new City Clerk and a finance director. The city has hired a consultant ( sabrina) at 150/00 hour to help with the accounting and help hire a new finance director. So 4 people to look through the applications to hire a new finance person and city clerk. Apparently that is not enough consultants. Former Mall guard, mayor Donna Pittman, has taken another $5,000 out of her non-bugeted cash account to hire two more consultants to help in this difficult decision. ( Lord help us!) Two more consultants to add to the dozen already loitering about the city hall.
Who are the new guys? Lets see. Monday night , Donna and the brain trust ( Doraville city council. Note: Trudy, the only one with a brain cell working was out of town and not present). retired to the mayors office in executive session. The new consultants Cheri Pritchard VP of Flex HR Duluth and Phil Davis ex vp Flex HR and Aepiphini Kennesaw ga. These two are in the human resource business of reviewing applications and reading tea leaves. The city is losing money hand over fist and the mayor and council are spending money they don’t have to read a employment application for two positions. A position only going to be filled for a year given the track record of the last nine employees to fill those positions.
We can only hope they avoid hiring yet another convicted felon for the accounting position.
More deck chairs moved around the titanic as the band played on!

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