Did Donna Pittman make a deal with the Mosque?

Did Donna Pittman make a deal to exchange protection for the 70-80 votes of the mosque membership? Did Donna Pittman sell out the city to win the mayor’s seat? A reliable source in the mosque told Doravileonlinenews that Ms Pittman, with a male escort, met with mosque officials ( during the election) to offer her service of zoning protection, using her command of the police, building officials, and code enforcement to ‘protect them from trouble makers. She cited in the meeting she would take care of trouble makers such as tom owens and her opponent candidate Tom Hart. The mosque sent a person to see Tom Hart to see what his offer might be. Tom told them he could not offer protection but they would have to follow all county, state, and city law like everyone else. Especially when it came to public safety items.
More on this devloping story……
70-80 votes were at stake which- 150 vote swing- more than enough to change the outcome of the election. The election margin was less than a 100 votes.
See channel 2 news at 6 monday 2-13-12

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