Doraville has a sign ordinance?

Doraville has more highway signs than a south georgia highway truck stop nude strip bar. The city has been plagued by years of a cozy ‘special’ relationship with highway sign venders and with a out of date sign code. The current sign ordinance is a disaster and has more holes in it than a spaghetti colander. Witness the new truck stop sign in front of the beached whale called the quick trip. What little rules we had were thrown out by Donna Pittman ” you don’t have to follow those {zoning and subdivision} rules- you tell us what you want to build- we are in the customer service business”. I think they have the same rules for customer service at the mustang ranch in our city clerk’s favorite town – las Vegas.

Have you seen the monster sign in front of the new Quick Trip. Donna and her brain trust have not changed the sign code and allowed more low rent eye clutter on buford highway. Look at the Quick Trip on Peachtree industrial in Chamblee – a small monument sign. Not doraville with all of its highway sign nightmare and business people donating to Donna’s campaign ( customer service). Looks like a Memorial drive and Candler road truck stop. Just completes the Heat of the night/ Dukes of hazard motif of Donna, Luke and Cooley’s redevelopment plan. Perhaps a couple more cell towers in the town center – just call them urban trees.
More to come on this latest bone head move.

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