AT&T Phone lines in Doraville Historical Items

AT&T has been touting its U-Verse service as a competitor of cable and clear wireless. After all, they pay the politicians in Doraville a handsome sum in utility fees and ma bell would not lie. I gave the new service a shot. Was i ever shocked.
It seems city hall is hiding a treasure. Charging the citizens a fee on the phone or internet bill and not telling us about the hidden treasure. Ancient phone lines or wires. I would have never known until the U-Verse super fast service was installed and the speeds ended up slower than 20 year old dial up. AT&t tried but 300 k is all the ancient wires would support. Several of the phone linesman ( identity will be kept a sercret) revealed the secret- Doraville’s overhead wires and switching components were obsolete 20 years ago. They thought they were looking at a museum. Thanks to our city hall idiots- the money taken in for franchise fees has been squandered instead of updating the infrastructure of the city. If you live in Gordon heights – forget At&T or throw the city hall bums out so the city can move into the current decade.

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