Burrell Ellis, Obama’s Car Czar, and Local politicians grandstand over GM site

Ellis and Obama are up for re-election next november and what better venue than thump their chest in front of the old GM site. The ex mall guard, Donna Pittman ( whose campaign was run on cash contributors in the room such as Burrel Ellis, Dekalb officials, plus laundry list of shady operators not present as her cronies paraded themselves as stake holders. They were chanting the old buzz words of education( see bottom of column), the old ( the main reason for local financial crisis in georgia) LCI (Local Communists Initiatives) drivel of live, work, play- with other peoples money- overbuilding miles of federal housing slums in Atlanta..
They have been meeting for months- Donna Pittman, Luke Howe-( her over paid, chain smoking PR assistant) with Dekalb county politicians. The real focus seems to be- how we can grandstand and piss away some more taxpayer money while stuffing our buddies pockets. This bunch has a track record of sub standard pork projects while accomplishing little. The scams have cost the taxpayers millions with little to show. The waste range from sidewalks to nowhere , telephone poles in the middle of sidewalks, and millions paid for simple $1,000 sidewalk drawings. Jobs creation??? The mall guard, Donna- when?? Section 8 housing surrounding a big box store??? Clever dicks!!
This bunch of porkers can’t wait to hookup millions of federal ( borrowed chinese dollars) to buy votes, build Cabrini Green south, hookup campaign donors and squander the city /county’s future. The Dekalb county Pr machine invited their rookie reporter buddies from channel 2 and cbs to pump up this hot air balloon while the 750,000 a day motorists whizzed by on 285 .
Added bonus
Burrell has been trotting around the county with his town hall meeting baloney, spouting how important local schools are ( especially in south Dekalb). I am sure he is aware of the miserable state of Doraville’s school situation ( Dekalb Schools) The local high school, for example, the high school that used to be located in the middle of the largest neighborhood -Northwoods- was closed by Dekalb- the children forced to relocate over 10 miles away — past Chamblee high- to Atlanta Dekalb. Cross Keys, a dilapidated fossil which should have been condemned 20 years ago, is the arm pit Burrell Ellis and Donna Pittman are so proud of- so much for the importance of local control of schools Burrell Baby!!!! Gee – what happened to the walkable city and saving gas, energy resources???
More on the adventures of Burrell, The Mall guard, and Bama Bucks- More sidewalks to nowhere!!

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