Doraville to be decalred a Federal slum area? Federal housing projects coming to Doraville?

Why is the mall guard mayor bringing back the fifties ( Eisenhower/ Khrushchev ) via redevelopment plan back again? This central government planning disaster is counter to all current development thinking. This ugly situation went away but is being revisited monday night at the city council meeting. Donna’s law lackeys ( dewey, cheatum and howe) advertise their expertise in eminent domain and taking peoples property to hand to their developer buddies.The presentation will be provided by the Mayor’s personel secretary, Luke howe. More latter

Documents obtained by Doravilleonlinenews outline the plan Mayor, Donna Pittman and her staff are planing to slide by quietly a plan to declare the city of Doraville a Federal Slum area. This will be the final nail in the coffin by a failed administration and council that has lost millions in the past 4 years by mis management of financials and funds. The final bad decision to put the city under is being discussed and how not to alert the public ( slide the vote by with the least amount of public notice, read process details). The Public thinks this is the 1985 redevlopment powers act voted on in the general election. It is not. This is the 1950’s redevelopment act used to clear out black slums of the pre voting rights era. Pre zoning era and during the nuke it all and build concrete high rise holding cells for the undesirables and build stadiums, public buildings and other central government planed nonsense. The people of Doraville have a long history of not keeping the eye on the ball.
Speaking of Doraville voters- the past election they voted themselves three tax increases ( Doraville is now the highest taxed, oldest city, smallest city, lowest income city in north dekalb, Voted to sell bonds to raise money for a dekalb real estate hustle putting themselves on a thirty year hook, and elected ( out of three other highly qualified candidates) a un educated mall guard who sat on the council like a dunce for 8 years collecting a pay check. So, its no wonder they think this the same act they voted on.
Note: The law firm of Riley, Mclendon- Doraville, sandy springs, and johns creeks attorneys- specialty is eminent domain. The key component of the 1950’s redevelopment act. Another genius move by the Doraville brain trust.
See the following:A Guide to Using Georgia’s Urban Redevelopment Act

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