Map?? What map?? Signs?? What Signs???

The Doraville Mayor and her four stooges – Maria Alexander, Karen Pachuta, Brian Bates, and now Pam Fleming- are doing the old comedy routine of who’s on first! 1.
Hours of babbling on about sign ordinances trying to hook up slum lord buddies – for example Karen Pachuta stating the all the churchs in Doraville are unique because they are located in R-1 Residential. The four nod their head in agreement. Not so brain trust, read the following:
Churches zoned R-1 (5) if we include the mosque property – Carver DR, Chestnut, Fairlane, Strait ST,and Woodwin DR.
Churches zoned RCH (1)- Chestnut @ Pineland.
Churches zoned C-1 (1)- Buford HWY @ English Oak.
Churches zoned C-2 (1)- Buford HWY.
Churches zoned O-I (2)- Central AVE @ Church ST and New Peachtree RD @ Park AVE.
The council is supposed to represent the neighborhoods? Making decsions based on the wrong information? Every council meeting it becomes clearer that the mayor and her four stooges with the staff they hired have no idea what they are doing.
Map? What map? Luke Howe= the mayor’s chaining smoking PR assistant and the Mayor’s new genius Planner- Joe Cooley are distributing with their 1950’s redevelopment disaster ” the official zoning map of the city”!!! What is c-2c, what are these character areas Luke, Donna and Joe?? /they don’t match any zoning laws Doraville has on the books! see attatchment.
Zoning Map – OZ Mark Up 4

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