More sign problems- Quick Trip!! Customer service or just a hookup?

When Mayor Donna Pittman told the Quick Trip builders that the City of Doraville was in the “customer service business”, she wasn’t kidding.
The Quick Trip was started on the corner of Buford highway and steward Ave by Mayor Ray Jenkins with planner Scott Haeberlin. Brick, good design, and a corner stone to the new town center. That’s whose names are on all the starting documents and their objectives.Brian Bates and Maria Alexander ( council memebers) were not happy about the project and Donna Pittman, council person and acting Mayor pro tem voiced no opinion at the time. A week after the Mayor died, the planner,Scott, the building official- John C., the planning commission) were all let go.
Donna Pittman, whose 8 years on the council were marked by her association with the sleeze and trash contractor and little else than picking up a paycheck. Suddenly described the new gas station as “her Quick Trip”. What was planned and what got built was what took some interesting turns.
Donna calls it “Customer Service” others call it good old boy Doraville sleeze and backroom deals.
We shall explore some of the things that have been overlooked, shine light on the problems and perhaps inform the public. Information that the city and citizens can use to bring positive change and perhaps drag the former mall guard, Donna, kicking & screaming out from under her desk.
Lets start with the sign code that seems to have fallen victim to Donna’s Customer service policy.
Doravilleonlinenews has obtained through Georgia open records laws the following documents- A Sign permit and construction permit issued to Quick Trip and approved by Donna’s two hires- Tony Pierce and joe Cooley- the building inspector and the planner. The Doraville sign code only allows a 150 sq feet total pole signage on less than 5 acres lot- the Quick trip. The Quick Trip applied for and got permission to put up the 162-168 sq. ft. truck stop sign. see the enclosed attach. How did this happen? Tony and joe can’t read the sign code or is this Donna Pittman, Mayor, telling them to look the other way?
The wall signs on the Quick Trip facing buford highway? How many? The sign code says only one facing each road. More Donna or perhaps Tony and Joe need glasses? I have the signed permits where all of these were OK’d I count 3-5 facing buford highway, two facing the side parking lot and two facing steward ave.
These facts were presented at the last council meeting and after the meeting our mall guard mayor was heard telling people that everything was fine and Tom was wrong . See for yourself! What is the Mayor and council going to do about the violation of the law? We expect a answer.
More to think about.
Where are all the crepe myrtles that were part of the buford highway street scapes? Why have they not been replaced?
Why are all the illegal or out of date signs stuck back in front of the new quick trip- Dekalb police and dekalb code enforcement sign?? Rusty illegal signs that need to go!
Why are there two sets of street light poles in front of the new store? The old wood poles and the new street scape poles and the city is paying the power for both!!!!

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