What is Donna and her 4 council people trying to hide about Donna’s nightclub??

More to come including just released documents that shine the light on a Donna “customer Service” problem. It seems Mall guard Mayor Pittman is running around telling people that a certain document is not signed and not on a city letterhead so it does not exist. Copies have popped up all over town but Donna says the files do not contain the letters so they don’t exist. Wrong, doravilleonlinenews have obtained copies of the original certified letters – letters that clearly state that a night club that Donna Pittman allowed to be built and about to open was turned down by the former city planner. The same planner that donna got rid of the week after the mayor passed away and she took over his office. Donna says everything related to the project is attorney client privilege, no letter of denial exist and trying to blame all her problems on former employees.
These documents do exist and will be released to the public, Donna. See the next post!!
Donna, why are council members from stone mountain involved with this case? People from Topaga?
Why did Donna take money from the owner of the Pink Poney, the Crazy Horse, and some of the Cheatah nude strip bars? Is there a connection? What is Donna hiding and why are her ( the city attorneys) attorneys playing nightclub -what nightclub?
Is this part of Donna and her chain smoking assistant attempt to declare the city a slumb to take property away via eminent domain. Seems the only slum and blighting going on has been caused by Mall guard Donna Pittam and her city hall buddies. Perhaps the whole bunch needs to be recalled?

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