So much for sunshine laws in Georgia

Doraville Georgia , like so many backwater governments in Georgia, has a problem with public information and the public’s right to know what is going on. The is especially true with Doraville. The city hall is run by the ex mayor’s PR consultant parading around wearing his daily selection of hats. One day he is the chief of staff, the community development director, or the city administer to name a few of his choices for himself. Fact is – his job description says he is the mayors assistant and basically a gopher for the mayor. The current Mayor and council ( 4 of the 6) have failed to keep tabs on their runaway ‘gopher’.
The aversion to public light on all subjects great and small is aided by the The mayor, her me too staff and the firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. The mayor, being of little brains and even less education is gun fodder for the attorneys and the back room dealings of her ‘gopher’. Everything from meetings to selection of water coolers come under the heading of attorney client privilege. Which means a crow bar is needed to find out anything from trash billing to when they intend to condemn your property to hand to their cronies. The following is a example of the Mayor, her gopher and the certified clerk ( paid for by city tax money and who is paid the same as a certified clerk) who seems to be a deputy clerk. Only Doraville would pay twice the going rate for two clerks who do less work than one clerk.
This is a typical record request. I believe from the figure that they don’t want to fill the request. Sort of like Fulton county tax liens, eh? Perhaps they have made a decimal point error?

This email is in response to your Open Records Request on March 16, 2012 in which you requested the following items;

Please advise me when i might view the following open records for possible electronic or hard copy.

1. The applications for permits, permit issued, cup applications, rezoning applications for any and all driveways, parking lots and constructions permits applied for or granted for the following streets in the city of Doraville. Johnnys Lane, Beacon drive, and woodwyn road for the last 60 days.

2. permits granted or applied for driveways, parking lots for r-1 zoned properties in the city of Doraville for the last 60 days.

3. review for copy all emails sent to and from the two code enforcement officers for the last two years to present.

4. A list of all the stakeholders, transcript, and video records for the gm stakeholders meeting this past week, including a list of council, mayor, staff present.

5 Review all interior finish files and liquor application and permits for the georgia palace restaurant- to include but not limited to applications, surveys, drawings, review and signed documents.

6. A copy of all the mayors office and the mayor’s assistant expense records, gifts and payroll records to include but not limited to:

Cell phone bills, ipads and internet connection charges, auto and travel expenses- fuel, insurance, car wash tickets. items and costs donated or comped to the mayor. checks written under the 5,000 expense provision, training costs, health insurance, meals, gifts, and gratuities for the last 18 months. I would like to review these bills and documents for possible electronic or hard copy.

For items 1. And 2. The estimate for this request; is 101hours (after the 15minutes free of charge) X $16.58 =$1674.58, 50 copies X .25 cents (per page) =$12.50, total of $1687.08

For item 3. The estimate for this request is; 3.75 hours (after the 15minutes free of charge) X 65 =$243.75, 19.75 hours (after the 15minutes free of charge) X $17.48= $345.23, 5500 copies X .25 cents (per page) =$1375.00, total of $1953.98

For item 4.-There is nothing available in response to this request

For item. 5. The estimate for this request is; 1 hour (after the 15minutes free of charge) X 20.19, 60 copies X .25 cents (per page) = $15.00, 2 hours (after the 15minutes free of charge) X $16.58= $33.16, 10 copies X .25 cents (per page) = $2.50, total of $70.85

For item. 6. The estimate for this request is; 24 hours (after the 15minutes free of charge) X $14.42= $346.08, 150 copies X .25 cents (per page) = $37.50, total of $383.58

The total amount for the items available is; $4095.49.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and the price may vary to fulfill your request. Please approve the estimate so we can start working on your request.

Thank you,

Sandra Bryant

Deputy Clerk

City of Doraville


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