Why is Mayor Pittman trying to condemn all the commercial properties in the city and for whom?

Doravilleonlinenews.com obtained shocking information concerning condemnation of properties, massive tax increases, and the city’s attempt to quietly take peoples property to help out their cronies. The following letter from the Mayor’s office outlines a plan of tax hikes through bond sales ( no referendum required), declaring all the commercial areas of the city as blighted and slums ( even new buildings and businesses), use of eminent domain ( a specialty of the city’s law firm- see attach.) to condemn property to build housing projects- hand the land over to government cronies. The letter is written by the mayor’s gopher ( his job description basically describes someone that makes copies, fetches coffee, and mails letters for the mayor- perhaps he should stick to his job). This letter and the 1950’s redevelopment act is not to be confused with the 1985 act on the past referendum. This is in the era before zoning, cold war Eisenhower, Khrushchev- a different context-a different era.

From the Mayor’s office
urban redevelopment plan

Per the Riley McLendon web site
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