Why is the ex mall guard turned Mayor hiding public documents?

The Georgia Palace, a 44,000 square foot night club, complete with bars, lite dance floors, dressing rooms, and stage was completed under the ok of Mayor Donna Pittman and her city hall staff. The highly unpopular and controversial nightclub came under fire during the last election. Ms. Pittman denied all accusations that she and her staff had given the green light , issued liquor licenses, and interior finish permits for a nightclub club. (This election firestorm erupted when Ms Pittman campaign contributions revealed donations from other night club owners. She had taken money from the owner of the Pink Pony, The crazy Horse , and the Cheetah nude strip clubs.) She blamed everything on the previous planner, Scott Haeberlin. She said that all of this happened under the former Mayor, Ray Jenkins and the planner before he passed away and she took over as the acting Mayer. She says no letters or facts are on file that would contradict her statements. She and some of her fellow councilors have scoffed at the idea that any letters exit.
doravilleonlinenews.com has obtained copies of the original certified mailed copies sent deny the use of a nightclub and that any request for liquor licenses would have to be applied, meet codes, and issued by ( the city clerk under Donna Pittman). It would appear from these letters signed and on city stationary that Donna Pittman and the city clerk have a lot of explaining to do. Perhaps a grand jury needs to be convened to get to the bottom of all this odd behavior and with the context of nightclubs donating to Ms Pittmans large campaign fund.

The following are the letters on three separate dates. The initial application, The letter approving a restaurant only – -no liquor, no nightclub or dance floor, and the last letter a repeat of 2 when the original request time ran out.

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