Why are Dekalb official’s handing cash money over to Donna Pittman when business is taking place between the same officials?

doravilleonlinenews has just received documents showing monies being passed from the CEO of Dekalb county, Burril Ellis, Thomas Brown to Donna Pittman when the city is in negotiations with the same. The Redevelopment of the multi billion dollar GM property hangs in the balance. The odd reactions of the mayor, turning over the negotiations to just Dekalb and GM, Burril Ellis, raises serious conflict of interest and possible criminal activity involved. The attorney general for the state has already raised questions of possible open meetings and sunshine law violations. Perhaps, he will become more involved once the documents I just received are forwarded to him.
Questions of campaign contributions reported and not reported are in question. The entry fees for Donna Pittman are being called into question, votes and agenda items on the behalf of large contributors, and undocumented gifts and comps are in involved in the investigation. Why has Burrel Ellis contributed money to Donna Pittman’s campaign while sticking his nose in Doraville City’s property, by passing the zoning laws of the city and demanding money from the city.
This is going to get good!! What a ball of worms.

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