Trash Talkin’

susan says:
May 22, 2012 at 8:05 PM (Edit)

Trash Talkin
I was talking on the phone Friday over near our front window when the garbage truck came by. They picked up our carefully and conscientiously collected recyclables and dumped both bins into the truck. They then picked up our garbage and tossed that into the SAME TRUCK! Since there were two doors, I thought maybe they were going to two separate places within the truck, but when the garbage went in, the truck opened in such a way that I could see it all mixing together. I would like an explanation. Are we being scammed or what? Also, when I mentioned this at work this morning, a man who lives off Henderson Mill Rd. expounded on the great service he gets from DeKalb County. They pick up twice a week, they recycle, and they pick up any kind of yard debris. Plus, they furnish mulch to DeKalb residents. On the other hand, we have garbage pickup once a week, no mulch I know about, recycling I now wonder about, and a problem with yard debris. What’s the deal here?

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