Doraville pool not ready for the season opening

The Doraville city hall has botched yet another marketing opportunity. The indy 500, cookouts, and family outings are the mainstay for memorial day weekend. The big season opener for the metro area pools is the memorial day weekend. The grand opening on memorial day weekend is the super bowl in the swimming pool biz. It sets the tone for the whole season and the success in marketing this important city attraction. Oops, what happened.
The Doraville pool is one of the old mega pools in the metro atlanta area. A true jewel found in the city center of the city of Doraville. Future downtown development will key off of this gem. When on the council in 2006, i took this green bog with no services no diving board and no future to the on time gem that it is today. But under the leadership of donna Pittman, Luke Howe and the her do nothing council- things are reverting back to the bad old days. A month after school closes and no pool. Missed the memorial day weekend. The queen was too busy parading around Dunwoody in her 6 inch high hooker heals to deal with little details like the pool.

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