Donna throws away all the historical documents

Minutes, staff reports and completed agenda packages have been removed from the city web site. Massage parlors, strip clubs, nightclubs, telling voting records all gone. The most corrupt government in Georgia led by the high healed trash queen and ex mall guard is trying to cover her trail. Sunshine laws and open government mean nothing in Donna land.
Donna Pittman, whose 8 years on the council amassed a voting record that in some countries would considered a war crime. The uneducated south Dekalb door guard at the courthouse is trying to cover her and her fellow do nothing council members track record. Time to call the attorney general.
All of the historical resolutions and Ordinances since the inception of the council have also gone missing. Maybe that is why the open records requests are so expensive. The city has to rent a track hoe and crew to sift through the local landfill for the documents she threw out. Why are are we paying this dimwit and borderline felon 70,000 plus expenses to screw up the city.

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3 Responses to Donna throws away all the historical documents

  1. Eleanor says:

    I think there is a law that hard copies have to be kept a certain number of years.

    • thomas says:

      There is a law and original copies of laws, deeds, zoning, taxes and building issues should be kept for the life of the city. The former clerk and the current Mayor threw out multiple filing cabinets full of original records with the excuse of retention schedules. Problems with zoning and zoning maps, conditions on property, land plates, etc are coming to the surface. The office did not get clean and tidy because they rearranged the furniture. Its because they threw out the file cabinets full of files. The same can be said for a certain office employee who is no longer allowed to open the mail- has a very neat desk because she was sweeping all the mail, bills and information into the waste can or the back of a filing cabinet. So much for paying someone 38,000/ year plus cash and prizes to answer the phone.

  2. Rafi says:

    Isn’t it time to call the local channel reporters for a briefing to expose all this hanky-panky?

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