City Council violates their own law by fixing tickets???

The Doraville Mayor and City Council voted to ignore sign code violations and are giving violators a free ride. Illegal Temporary banners and signs have plagued the city along with the massage parlors and nightclubs. The use of large real estate and promotional banners have covered the business district creating a eyesore. The code enforcement under the police department began issuing large number of warnings against the business and property owners. Less than 45 actual tickets have been issued but the warnings will turn into tickets if the violation are not addressed.
Donna Pittman and her buddies on the council – Brian Bates, Maria Alexander, Pam Fleming, Robert Patrick chose to tell the violators to ignore the tickets. Violate the law in Doraville. More troubling was the connection to such Donna Buddies as Tommy Galloway, Trouter foundation service and Halpern enterprises. The lone decenter was Trudy Jones-Dean and the absent Karen Pachuta.
all of this on the heels of Donna Pittman insisting that code enforcement not issue tickets without her consent and to issue tickets for everything from door decorations to 3 inches of grass – to her political opposition. She is trying to move, without council’s approval, the entire Code Enforcement unit to city hall to ‘control’ how many tickets are issued and to whom.
Corruption is live and well under the Donna Pittman administration.

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  1. The Professor says:

    What’s the big deal, the laws on election signs are never followed either.

    Heard the directive to initially not to cite for sale, for rent, etc came from the Mayor’s Office.

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