Brooke ‘in the pipe’ Park gets a new Pipe!

The historical Northwoods area has a beautiful neighborhood park called Brooke Park. This Park was the corner stone of the northwoods neighborhood new development. The name came from the spring fed stream that ran through the park. Brooke or Stream Park. Makes sense or did at the time the development started. The common sense part went out the window when the Mayor and council of Doraville got involved. The city of trees, streams, and national bird sanctuary has given way to city in flood plains, destroying old growth forests, building in protected stream buffers, Designated slum -Brooke park is no exception.
Brooke park stream fell prey to this limited thinking when the stream was put into a pipe and tennis courts were built on top of this asset. Cheap metal pipes as it turned out. Metal pipes that rusted through and now the tennis courts are being sucked into the stream. So much for protecting flood plains, stream buffers or even the namesake of the Park. Brooke Park steam!!
The City council tonight, June 18, 2012, voted to repair with out a open bid or asking the Brooke park neighbors, or the Northwoods groups what they wanted to do with this important landmark. Voted to repeat the same mistake. Reminds me of a few quotes from Albert Einstein that apply to this situation.
1. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
2. ” Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results”.
all of these problems from the Gm plant, english Oak Park, Halpern park, town square, central avenue (telephone poles in the middle of the sidewalk) are being addressed in the same manner. Repeating the same mind numbing process that has characterized Doraville over the past decades. The Jail in the middle of the central city park on top of chestnut creek. The same process expecting different results- insanity.
I will close the post with another quote from a Northwood resident. After a another frustrating meeting with Donna Pittman. With Ms Pittman lack of understanding of yet another simple concept- ” If Donna Pittman were any dumber- maintenance would have to put her on their summer watering schedule “

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