What was Robert Thinking? Or was he?

The Georgia Municipal association, in its freshman 101 course, stresses the importance of caution to the incoming class. Newly elected officials are warned over and over again to sit and listen the first 6 months in office. They stress the fact that most mistakes are made the first 6 months and the next 3 1/2 years in office are spent undoing what appeared to make so much sense those care free early days in office. Robert Patrick is having a wonderful time enjoying his care free days. He is making many ‘new ‘ best friends and stepping into every pot hole he can find. All of those warnings are made by silly people that don’t know what his ‘new friends know. Those silly people are not members of his special inner circle of new best friends.
His Pr friend, Mall guard friend, and neighborhood experts seem to have left our boy holding his privates while the rest run for cover. Robert, you are going to learn- we think! Sometimes the smart people of the inner circle lie to you. I know that is hard to believe- gee willikers – but its true. They take advantage of people that don’t have a clue what happened last week much less last year. That people is you Robert! Time to wake up !
All this brings us to Robert’s current bucket of s… that his good buddies have handed to him. The Muslim mosque ho down and barbeque ( was that pork or just the other white meat?- just asking, Robert) at our good Jewish friends park- Bernard Halpern Park. It seems our boy Robert, the city of Doraville, Donna Pittman ( former mall guard), The Doraville police department used city money, time, permits ( waived, I suspect) to cosponsor with the muslim mosque ( not in Doraville) , a mosque barbeque, free balloons, food and free blood pressure exams. At this point we don’t know how involved Robert was or if he was just the fall guy in this politically correct mess.
City owned park, city money and who was invited?? A health fair sponsored by the Muslim Mosque ( not in the city) is supported by the city while the health fair by the Northwoods Methedist Church ( Christian) was cited by the police for notifying the neighbors in northwoods. What up Robert? A lot of unanswered questions More to come… > img007
See separate flier for details.
PS It’s not going away Robert. Stay tuned for more adventures of Robert and his ‘new’ best friends.

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