Moon Over Doraville

The Town center of Doraville georgia is a quaint collection of old buildings dating back to its 1871 incorporation. The City’s town square, perched on the highest peak of the downtown, is a bustling old town village square with shops, eateries, pastry and professional offices. The kind of square and central commons one might find in new england. A wishing well marks a corner of the square that dips into a centuries old spring. A quiet meadow with yet another spring feeding a bubbling creek running through the center city park. The stream head was the watering hole for the Creek and Cherokee Indians as they traveled the trail now occupied by the new Peachtree road and rail station. The civic block, with its town hall, old courthouse and library, form a buffer or transition between the commerce of the square and the gentle rustle of the trees and lush grass at the edge of the bubbling creek of Flowers park. Two story brownstones and 20’s style brick single family homes crowd the downtown center.
Oops! Got carried away- Moon over Doravile is the topic. The girls gone wild at city hall in Doraville- Donna ( the ex mall guard) and her Vegas side kick Sandra, the part time- full time clerk ( trained at great expense by the city to be a certified city clerk, paid like a certified clerk with none of the duties) won’t have to drive all the way to the Cheatah lounge to go shopping for their heels and frock. The two, along with Joe the planner, have managed to put a Wholesale lingerie business smack in the middle of the town center. This will add to the mixed use environment so in vogue among today’s avant-guard planners. The three have added a massage/ acupuncturist, a adult novelty wholesale warehouse across from the wishing well spring, and now, Moon Lingerie. A little something bought in bulk to go with the latest spank me pumps or the lash me 6 inch spikes so popular on the hoofs of the city’s two city hall Divas. Joey and his girls have been busy.
All of the above are in c-2 zoning in the quaint village of Doraville. That means highway commercial business, retail operations that meet the zoning laws of city. The key words highway commercial, zoning laws, and legal conforming businesses. Seems Our Queen for the day Donna and her Vegas princess sidekick are not doing their required reading. Joey, the planner will have to keep them better informed. Wholesale businesses are not legal in c-2. The zoning is not transferable, and the building in question has never housed any business except the gm union hall since it was built in 1957. Our two damsels can certainly see Moon lingerie from their offices. Perhaps the thought of the latest in frill was too much and clouded their judgement. Whatever the reason, its not legal ladies, you will have to put it back or mean mister legal will make you put it back.
The council will most likely step in in the form of a adult – such as Trudy Jones-Dean. Zoning law and the zoning act are not to be trifled with girls.

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