Doraville forced to revise its budget 2012

Doraville Georgia, city of less than 10,000 residents in north metro atlanta, has another loosing season. The city is in a 5 year tailspin can’t seem to stop loosing money while raising the taxes to the highest in the north metro area. The taxes now over shadow such spend thrifts as the City of Atlanta and Decatur. The city was flush for years with a great location, low taxes 66% commercial properties that represented virtually every vender in retail. The quiet tree lined neighborhoods were award winning communities with parks and great schools. What went wrong?
The school system disappeared, the town center disappeared, the Gm plant closed, and the smart money and people left town. Like all sad cases across America- the vultures swarm in to pick the remains. Buford highway, the main drag through the city, was once populated by the whose who of retailing. They have been replaced by the dregs of society. Money changers, massage parlors, pawns shops, used car and tire dealers, sleazy lingerie and sex shops. Business that cater to the third world population. Cheap bus stations, no name shops and flea markets that move in and out like their transient customer population. Doraville has become the slum lords paradise and the county dumping ground for what everyone else does not want in their back yard.
The Mayor and council are no exception. Except for one council person who perhaps should live in dunwoody. The Mayor is a ex mall guard, working on husband two or three. She is somewhat dull witted and was a do nothing on the council for eight years to collect a pay check and free insurance ( she was appointed). The old Mayor died and she inherited the position. Not exactly a rocket scientist. The rest are societies rejects put in office by what is left of the old Doraville. A town that has everything going for it and has squandered every opportunity. Europe in the dark ages when the brain power died off- no one to operate the controls or how to build things.
These sad creatures have fallen into the hands of vultures called consultants and sub contractor venders …. to be continued

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