Why is Clark Howard pimping himself out to promote Tplost- What is the connection??

Clark Howard is the local tight wad / consumer advise radio host on the Cox family owned local Wsb Radio/TV station. Snoop Clarkie Clark, as he is known locally, perhaps gives tight wad a bad name. He is in a league of his own as a certified skin flint. A few excerpts from his show will illustrate how far this man will go to save a penny. We are talking the prince of cheapness.
Clark Howard fancies himself a car expert with alternative energy his area of focus. His car of choice maybe made by slave labor from material obtained by leveling the rain forrest, no problem for Clark, if he can save a farthing . The on air discussion of his taking his daughter to school in a unheated Toyota Prius in the dead of winter illustrates the point. He was driving her to school in electric mode (didn’t want to buy gas) and didn’t want to turn on the electric heat ( that would cost money). His daughter was complaining that it was freezing in the car and colder in the car than outside. Clark said on air” A doctor visit, if she caught a cold, was cheaper than gas to turn on the heat in the car” We are talking ‘cheap bastard’ here.
He damaged his two seat sports car when he advised his listeners that cars do not need premium gas even when they are clearly marked premium only. He had to back track on that advise after blowing up his his own car.
Anything walmart, costco, sams club- heck – he only buys things made in China and forced labor camps. We are talking cheap.
The big question : Why would the penny pincher, Clark, support Nathan Deal’s Pork A Thon? Good question!
Casey Cagle wanted Clark Howard to be on the citizens review board ( See Delphi technique)
Cox family help finance the big pr promo to push T -splost. Cox Enterprises is all hooked up to this UN 21 or Sustainable cities nonsense along with the ARC. The socialist – both republican and Democrates are smarting today. A great victory for the citizens of Georgia!!! These scum bags will be back and Clark Howard needs to get a radio job in Brazil or China- Whoever will pay the most to sell the government nonsense.

$750,000 for $2,000 sidewalk drawings, $600 fiberglass street lamps for $8,600 and $800,000 bridge project for 25,000,000- the list is endless. Why would a guy who steams stamps off envelops and would wear two left shoes to save a dime think this oink fest is a good use of taxpayer money?
Clark appears to have been given marching orders by the cox fat cat bilionaires. WSB radio, the AJC, and WSB have a bend to push for anything the ARC ( Atlanta regional communists) have on their self serving little minds. The ARC is made up political fat cats and their well connected pals. The Cox clan ( Democrat aristocrates) are part of the well heeled connected pals.
Gdot, Clarks new best friends ( Clark Howard went so far as to say the head of Gdot is a good ‘ol boy who would never steer you wrong- sounds like a south georgia used car salesman), are beside themselves with all that money to lay out on their buddies- Georgia power, cw mathews construction, Marta and the good old boys & girls from georgia tech.
! billion is going to local politicians for some serious vote buying without any oversight. If you want to know which politicians we are talking about- see who is pounding the drum for the passage of this daylight armed robbery.
The sad part of this whole mess – this oink fest will do more to impair traffic than help. Projects that would make dramatic change are being pushed aside because they don’t cost enough to allow for “spreading the wealth”. Local greed and stupid will direct the money toward their buddies and the hookup. This is stimulus part 2 – taking money away from a poor public to the line the pockets of the gdot buddy system and their kissing cousins at marta.

So much for the integretity of Clark Howard. His suggestions seem to prompted by who is the highest bidder- contrary to his on air persona. His polite form question of ‘how may i serve you’ begs the questions – Who is Clark Howard serving? -it certainly is not the public’s best interests or getting the best deal for the public’s money.

Shame on you Clark!!!

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