T-splost redux or Agenda 21 comes to doraville

The Doraville city agenda tonight was put together by Luke Howe ( not present) and his boss Mayor- ex mall guard- Donna Pittman. One after another the local hustlers, having made arrangements with Pittman and Howe, lined up to take a shot. All the local politicians are smarting from the butt kicking they received on the regional T-Splost vote. The Agenda details, as usual were not found on the city web site or available at the meeting . The goal was the same for all presenters- they all wanted control of the gm site for their own political agenda. The mayor and her voters, as usual, were easily taken in by a few flashy photos and cookies served in the lobby. What is more, the presenters knew they were dealing with a weak crowd.
First on the agenda 21, a HUD sponsored Hustler ( this idiot went so far as to offer his idea of putting a sustainability center in the middle of the GM plant site- like india!!!!) list was this salesman trying to get $10,000 and a commitment for a giant CID that would stretch the length of Buford highway. ( Dumb Donna the ex mall guard ) was trying to cut a deal for two 5000 checks. Our dimwit Mayor thinks that she can spent and make as many deals in the back room if the checks are no more than 5,000 a apiece. she doesn’t understand the budget. She thinks that 40 times $5000 checks are ok as long as the checks are but 5000 at a time.. We talking box of rocks stupid here. The council was starting to ask questions why the business community wasn’t pushing this hustle. They put it off but the local slum lords are on board with this nonsense. They would take over local control, zoning and miles of HUD housing fits with slum marketing.
The CIDs the salesman mentioned were all in un-incorporated areas of counties such as Perimeter Mall CID that formed a quasi government. The CID allows a area to be self taxing, offer police services, streets and infrastructure that a city would provide. The city of Doraville is a incorporated small city that offers all of those services. The problems lies with Donna Pittman ( who has no education or life experiences except low level government employment as a security guard. She was employed by the Perimter Mall CID
The doraville businesses are being taxed but not getting the services of a well run development department.

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