Doraville Lemmings run off the cliff……Again!!!

The little city of Doraville is once again in the news. No not for a new office building, brownstones, or town square on the top of the highest point in northern Dekalb county. No worries- they will have none of that and have worked feverishly to make sure none of that ‘ crazy stuff’ will happen in Doraville. No, crazy town wants to pass a cold war relic condemnation law from the Eisenhower era and have the city officially designated a blighted area on the national slum area map. This mayor and council have raised the taxes from the lowest to the highest in north Dekalb, lost the entire 7 million dollar city savings, have hired the former attorney for the city’s slum lord as their planner, the Mayor’s campaign pr aide to be the redevelopment manager ( see sidewalks to nowhere). This group of brain surgeons have no idea what to do but call HUD and put in a UN approved public housing project.
Yes the Lemmings run over the cliff in pursuit of one more nut ball idea. Lets red line the city so the massage parlors can apply for a tax credit.
Quality development money is looking for a quality, stable environment. Not a city hell bent on jumping at every federally funded housing program. A city that builds sidewalks to nowhere, a jail in the middle of the central city park, townhouses right in the middle of the lowest point of the city where, magically, all the water goes ( the list is 10 pages long of this nitwit activity) . Yes crazy town has found yet another way to screw up. I might add that all of these hair brained schemes were hatched right here in crazy town. Mayor Donna Pittman ( ex Mall guard) and her council even voted to fill up Buford highway with massage parlors in the middle of a building moratorium. ( Between you and me…shush… be quiet… I said building moratorium where they were rewriting the building and zoning code)
Luke Howe is the Mayors chain smoking assistant. Since the Mayor has a dull normal IQ, the council hired a assistant to write letters, do the pr, make sure she can find her way home at night and lead her around by the nose. The councilman that insisted Mr Howe be hired was of the left wing ilk and wanted the same party loyalist to handle this councilman’s bidding. Mr Howe, had other ideas, saw how weak the council and mayor were, and started his own left wing agenda . So there you have it- Agenda 21, alias, Smart Growth, alias Sustainability, alias, Smart Planning, alias LCI HUD apartments, alias left wing agenda. The Mayor is not capable, uneducated, and some what dim witted in the hands of a skilled far left skilled manipulator. The results have been a disaster for the city. Meanwhile, the council has fallen into a group think comma and are busy working on the complete demise of the city of Doraville. They are all getting along great and have no idea the ship is about to sink. Completely oblivious to the situation
The lemmings are massing for another run over the cliff with the Mayor’s pied piper playing pretty music to lead the way while the group think council is singing in five part harmony.

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