Mayor of Doraville shuts down a meeting to block a press interview

Donna Pittman, Mayor of Doraville Georgia, called for a brief 10 to 20 minute break during a highly charged meeting at Doraville city hall monday August 19. The purpose of the meeting was to shove through a plan by her PR assistant, Luke Howe, to have the bulk of the city be considered a federal and state blighted area. The scheme was not well received by a standing room audience that made it very clear that the action or lack thereof of the Doraville Mayor and council were the root cause of the alleged ‘blighting’.
Examples or pictures of sites around the city ( shown at a previous meeting were conspicuous by not being presented at mondays meeting) of ‘blight ‘ seemed to rest squarely on the shoulders of the quality of life and the mayor and staff not doing their jobs. Charges of selective enforcement to charges of favoritism, campaign contribution problems surfaced.
The audience was not aware of a side show being acted out while this battle was taking place. I made a 3 minute comment during the opening citizens comments that caught the attention of the Champion newspaper reporter covering the meeting. During a lull, he asked if I would like to step outside the council chambers to do a interview. He chose a area right outside the Mayor’s office door in clear sight of the Mayor and council while the council was in session. The interview only lasted a couple of minutes when we were interrupted by Mayor Donna Pittman standing between the reporter and myself. Her back was to me while she inserted herself between us. She asked if he liked his new job, if he had been fully briefed before the meeting and how delighted she was that he was the new beat reporter. The chit chat was non stop so I left only to have the reporter reengage me. This time Donna Pittman drug the reporter off to her office and shut the door. This time I left to talk to others at the meeting. I never saw the reporter again.
Having blocked the interview, Donna returned to start the meeting. I doubt the reporter or anyone at the meeting had any idea that the Mayor stopped the council meeting to make sure I didn’t talk to the reporter. This was one of several interruptions or breaks she insisted on when things were definitely not going her way.
More later… on the illegal meeting that took place between Donna Pittman, and her council cronies during one of these breaks. The illegal meeting was broken up by the City attorney after he was notified of what was going on. Apparently, the time out was taken to have a private meeting before the required public hearing comments and a vote.
More to come…

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