Illegal Nightclub operates with the help of the Doraville police !!!!!

The thumping bass, bright purple and blue lights, girls with their party dresses on and the din of the dance floor caught my senses as I stopped for gas at the new Quick Trip on Buford highway. The side door of the large metal building that houses the La Casona Columbian restaurant, on the hill behind the station, was open for business. Curious person that I am, this needed closer inspection. All the illegal nightclubs that have popped up since Donna Pittman took over the Mayor’s office REQUIRED a closer inspection.
Turning left out of the Quicktrip onto Stewart Avenue I was greeted by a hillside of parked cars and trucks. Parked all over the publicly maintained grassy right of way that separates Stewart ave from Motors Industrial. ( Note: Why aren’t the cops giving them tickets? – we will see why as the story progresses). Traveling up Steward toward the La Casona restaurant, the street and all the parking lots of all the businesses are full. Many cars sticking out in the road. ( Note: where are the cops, last I recall Doraviile has a few cops – we shall see why they are not on the streets).
Things were so interesting, I went back to my scooter and got my camera and recorder.
I rode my bike in from Stewart Road, through the full parking lot to find not one but two shiny new Doraville Police vehicles were backed into spaces next to the front entrance of the La Casona restaurant. Both vehicles were running, one with its lights on. I parked near the front door. The establishment had one or two men, not policemen, checking IDs and frisking the people entering the “restaurant”. ( I am asking myself at this point, when is the last time I got frisked and carded at the front door of baldinos or IHop or Montereys for that matter)
The front of the restaurant, that was in clear view from the window, had the usual table and chairs, etc. What was not usual, no one was sitting in them. Strange, a line of people were being frisked, carded, who had parked all over the landscape, and then disappearing through the back door of the restaurant. Ah, the banging night club you could see from the hill behind Quick Trip. The large metal warehouse that makes up the vast majority of the La Casona building is a night club. Sort of like a speak easy.
So what is with the two shiny Doraville Police cars sitting next to the front door? Are they there to issue a bundle of tickets, check out the license to operate a night club, tell the owners that they need to move all the cars out of the city right of way and off the grass?? NO, No sports fans. They are working for La Casona ‘restaurant.
I walked up to the closed window on the shiny Dodge Charger- car # 1079. The sport utility was car # 1134. The officer opened the window and I inquired if they were on the job or just hanging out. The policeman made a smart reply. I asked if this was a nightclub and why were there cars parked all over the city maintained right of way. His answer, with the same smart ass attitude. ” So what” I told him I was calling the chief to get to the bottom of what these two were up to. This policeman and his partner sat there while people exited with what looked like mixed drinks & drink glasses and walked up and down Steward Avenue consuming.
I made a phone call to Major Atkinson, the acting chief of police. No answer, left a message. I have a few questions for the chief, the city council, and the Mayor:
1. How does La cosona get a liquor license next to a church. Same question of the Quick Trip and others around the church property.
2.Who issued the liquor license, who issued a permit for what amounts to another illegal night club?
3. Who at city hall decided that parking on the city maintained grass entrance to the city center was ok?
4. Why are not one but two new shiny police vehicles running on city gas sitting in the parking lot while all of this is going on? Note: A burglar alarm on Carnetts car wash was ringing the whole time with no response.
This whole thing smacks of the good ol boys and the days of Chief Davis ( The chief fired and indicted for misuse of funds). Remember the channel 46 news reports of Davis junior with the working girls sitting on the hood of his police car in front of Mustache Mikes? Misuse of city property while ignoring the public safety.
I have photos, recordings, and a lot more questions.
Too be followed up on. Made another call to the police chief- got a email.
Update: The la Casona has been quiet since this post. Stewart Ave and the City right of ways saw the first night without the clutter on Friday night. Illegal vehicles on Stewart ave have disappeared from the shops along the streets. cars on blocks, no tags, and illegal parking has stopped. I guess Woody, our smart mouth policeman, and Lt. Lover boy have new assignments. See the car numbers, not hard to figure out boys. The police department requires that all after hour jobs come through the department and be approved. Question – who approved this job.
The whole thing reminds me of the Drossman affair, nightclub, Donna Pittman involving herself in the chain of command, and lt. lover boy.
The ex mall guard, Donna Pittman, is telling everyone that it was a birthday party. In a pigs eye! This nonsense has been going on for months.

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2 Responses to Illegal Nightclub operates with the help of the Doraville police !!!!!

  1. ken williams says:

    great article Tom. I hope you can write about what the police chief has to say about it.

  2. The Professor says:

    Wonder if this type of sanctioned weekend “overtime” accounts for excessive claims of comp and overtime on the police books?

    Would this also be a potential misuse of city property (cars, fuel, guns, etc)?

    Has Post been notified?

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