Who is paying for the movies in Doraville’s Honeysuckle Park?

The summertime Movie under the stars series takes place on the playing fields of Doraville’s Honeysuckle Park. Children and parents gather 3 times a year to provide mosquitoes and politicians a feeding opportunity on the taxpayers Tab. $5,000 plus at last count. Who got this started and why the project stayed. Who is paying for the series after the council voted not to fund it anymore? No budget item for the park this year!
Donna Pittman said the series would be 100% funded by business sponsors. This has not been the case w/ the city picking up the tab!
Donna Pittman needed a project to put on her campaign flyers. This was going to be tough. Donna ( plus her mall guard job) had been on the council for 6 years, collecting a paycheck and free insurance. Problem, That is the only thing she had done for 6 years, sitting and collecting money. She had to run for office on a blank platform. She asked everyone, including the mayor, if they had something she could take credit or a photo. It came down to a phoney tree planting ( that cost the taxpayer, the city, over $10,000 for 6 trees) and movies under the stars.
Movie under the stars was a idea hatched in the fertile brain of a local writer named Susan Crawford. Susan had attended a movie in the park with her children and grand children in the Carolinas. She thought this would be a great idea for a local neighborhood park sponsored by a local business. Donna grabbed the idea and ran with it. What a great vote buying opportunity. Voting parents, feel good without commitment, and no cost to her. The taxpayers (city) could pay for it.
Advanced disposal is the local trash collector. Advanced Disposal gets its contracts through the vote of the city council and the mayor’s office. Advance Disposal is a long time contributor to Donna Pittman and any self serving Donna Project. ( 100’s of bicycle s for a school that her kids attend, strange council bid votes that are won by a single dollar each time, etc, etc, etc.More on this later…… Advance Disposal has a close personal friend called Donna Pittman. Kiss,Kiss..
Advance Disposal was brought in to pay for the Movie Under the stars or as its become known as ‘Donna in the Park series’. The slow pay of Advanced turned into no pay by Advanced. The city ( taxpayer) was stuck with the bill. The council voted not to pay for the movies, The budget for the movies was not approved, Donna Pittman went on the council minutes record as saying ” all the money will come from business donations”.
The Mayor needs to cough up the $10,000 by non tit for tat ( permits in exchange for donations) business donations or it should be deducted from her $70,000 salary. Plus Doraville Police services, maintenance, and employee costs.
How many of the people who attend the movies are non politicians and residents of the city ( taxpayers) ? The park is surrounded by unincorporated Dekalb county apartments, housing and don’t contribute a dime for the services.
Who is paying for the Labor Day weekend Movie? The council elected to cancel.

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