49cm3, Gwinnett commissionors stealing money, and Dumb Gwinnett cops

This story is too good to hold back but will have to wait till monday. Seems I have found what Forrest Gump did after making his movie. He joined the Gwinnett police and is now the best and brightest in the force. This a funny story but sad because it is so pitiful. All the stolen money and corrupt politicians in Gwinnett has resulted in them hiring only the feeble minded and buying little cheap cars from government motors to stock the short handed police force.
The story includes speed traps, Suwanee Georgia, home of the foreclosed Nouveau Riche and perhaps more Gwinnett corruption??
Gwinnett long time home of bootleggers, car thieves, drug runners, and crooked cops and a long list of crooked politicians has not changed its stripes.
The Red Plum Massacre to the latest Lassiter and Kennerly trials only illustrate why Gwinnett was the last metro county to populate. The mental and moral swamp land that no one wanted to move to or develop.
My story is one of several experiences in Gwinnett that are all too familiar to anyone who travels this zoning arm pit. Corrupt politicians, corrupt and poorly educated police and government workers and a trail of ill fated development that comes only from money being handed under the table. ( See Doraville)
After taking the questions to the Chief of Police of Gwinett, I was turned over to his aid – a Lt. xxxx whose job was to cover his boss’s butt. No service there. The Watch commander was next. He said he would council his dim witted patrolman on 3rd grade math and work on his reading comprehension skills. It be became apparent that perhaps there was a whole building full of these dimwits- they gave all of them a gun, a car and let them loose on the streets each day- Scarey.
The Court. I arrived in court promptly at 8:00 prepared to defend myself with a satchel full of documents, photos, and plans. The case was thrown out by the judge with a shush for the prosecutor when she objected. His words were- The man does not need a tag or registration for a 49 cc scooter ( 49cm3). She was not happy! I got my paper work to add to the collection for future stops by semi literate Gwinnett police.(Lot of good that will do in Gwinnett with their 1st grade math and reading comprehension skills)
My next stop is the small claims court to recover my towing fees… More to come.

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