Run Ronnie Run

Driving through the quaint burg of Doraville today taking in the sights and smells of… holy crap what happened here. The town was laid like any other little quiet place to live. Town center, intown schools, walkable shopping ( with actual retail stores) all arranged within a 1 mile radius. What happened? There must be a reason for this rolling architectural disaster. The little town 20 years ago seemed to have a future. The new Nail Mall behemoth wholesale warehouse at Oakmont and Buford highway told me that this dimwit behavior is not a result of past sins but the future plan of the local politicians. What are and were these people thinking. Drugs, Alcoholism- Tower liquor store), perhaps a Love Canal generated mental disorder brought on by a secret tank farm leak, fumes from 285??? The landscape is strewn with errors in judgement.
Arriving home with the pink hulk of the new Nall supply warehouse in my head – I found the answer leaning against my front door. A DVD, a movie left by one of my neighbors. The dvd was picked up at a local treasure store – he knew just who needed this piece of Doraville history. The movie, dated 2009 was about Doraville. The New line Cinema production featured the Doraville Police, Doraville City Hall and the Doraville movers and shakers in the know. The sound track is by the Atlanta Rhythn Section with many of the sounds from tracks laid down in Doraville. Yes, the movie will give you unique insight into the lives of perhaps the Mayor of the City of Doraville. The formative years of Donna Pittman, the mall guard mayor – the dating years-. Why she gets along so well with her assistant ( who does all the work for her as she is semi illiterate it seems)- a chain smoking country bumpkin from elberton, Georgia. Perhaps, her self promoting assitant is the model for the Ronnie character in the movie or maybe its based on a ex husband or two.. The movie’s Ronnie character is chased and arrested by the Doraville police forming the basis for a reality TV series .
The movie title is “Run Ronnie Run”. I have requested additional copies for the Doraville Library. The movie can be kept with the rest of the Doraville treasures- the yearly LCI update ( or how to have HUD design your town for you -using “free money” borrowed from China), The book “How to squander the best location in Georgia”, and a collection of Donna Pittman’s coloring books ( helps to calm her nerves at work) & 1st grade ‘big’ pencils ( the big ones- so she can naw on them while she colors, texts, and practices her cursive alphabet skills ).
Come to think of it, “Ronnie’s” three time wife has three kids in a rental trailer. Donna drives a rental car, lives in a rental house- Hmmmm..
More to come….

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