Doraville Mayor cuts the Ribbon for Chamblee Business ??

The Mayor of Doraville Georgia cut the Ribbon for the grand opening of the new Solar charging station at Jim Ellis Chevrolet located in Chamblee, Georgia. Jim Ellis Chevrolet is leading the way in marketing, customer service, new car sales and now Electric car Sales. Innovation is a hallmark of the Jim Ellis Group and its new solar powered recharging station for electric cars is another example of that creativity. Porsche, Audi,Chevrolet, Buick/GMC, Volkswagen, Mazda, Maserati, Saab, Volvo, Hyundai brands are represented by this Chamblee based family owned business.
Ironically, Mayor Donna Pittman of Doraville, voted to get rid of the Jim Ellis Porsche Dealer ( the only Ellis owned dealership in doraville-the rest of the dealerships are based in Chamblee) . She voted to make the Lexus dealer( she leases a new Lexus since her election to mayor from her major campaign contributor- Hennessy Lexus) the minimum size for a new car dealer in Doraville. She also voted to change the zoning from c-2 highway commercial to m-1 light industrial. The minimum required size of 6 acres and 620 feet of road frontage are the exact dimensions of the Henessy Lexus dealer who gave thousands of dollars of campaign money to Ms Pittman. The 4.2 acre and limited frontage Ellis Porsche dealer is made nonconforming by Ms Pittman’s vote. This wasn’t by accident.
The former Mall guard, Ms Pittman, also voted against annexing the area where the Ellis group is located, she didn’t want all those car dealerships in the city. This opened the door to Chamblee to annex this area, the tax base, and the other half of the Ex GM plant property. She cancelled the annual Doraville car show sponsored by Ellis Chevy and Porsche. She also took away the children’s soap box derby car sponsored by Ellis and the Doraville Police three weeks before the event. (The kids quickly built another car and went to the national championship).
No wonder she was hiding behind the sun glasses. ( for the photo- note: she is the only one wearing sun glasses) Perhaps she can cut the Ribbon for all the businesses she is responsible for in the City of Doraville instead of traveling to another city like Chamblee.
The following, to name a few, need Ribbon cutting photo opps in the city of Doraville:
The illegal poop transfer station she approved of on another campaign donors property- it had to be shut down by the police and the health department when it exploded covering the children’s driving school parking lot, the neighboring creek and the inside of neighboring office building with raw human sewage.. See WSB TV.
The illegal lingerie wholesaler on another political buddy deal- which had to be shut down.
The 7 or eight massage parlors with a happy endings she voted on to open during a zoning moratorium.
A monster wholesale building in the middle of a retail area with all kind of building code problems. Building and business permits illegal.
The Tar Paper shack Mosque ( tar paper addition, 4 or five houses with their yards paved over with asphalt in the middle of a r-1 neighborhood) with raw sewage running on neighbors property ( one septic tank serving 4 buildings serving hundreds of people, Perhaps that could be a special ribbon cutting for looking the other way in exchange for votes in a election.
More to come…
The motel she approved of in a house in the middle of a national historic neighborhood zoned r-1. They just love the transient no tell motel.

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