Sidewalk to nowhere redux

Notes: I made while watching a train wreck.
Doraville, sweet Doraville. Just when you think it can’t get any dumber, more bizarre, more brain dead, more corrupt –well more Doraville. If you are a resident or should I say prisoner of this fair community you have to attend Doraville council meetings – just self preservation. They might have condemned your house while you were on vacation, voted to put a poop factory in next to you or decided to drain the lake, clear cut the Forrest to hook up a buddy or build little plastic covered recycled huts/houses ( come to think of it – they have done all of it). Where do I start, I don’t want to be unkind, after all it is not polite or politically correct, for that matter, to make fun of the mentally challenged, fat people ( gravity challenged), or attorneys ( ethically confused).

The meeting started with the usual- pledge allegiance to the flag ( The ex mall guard Mayor was a pta member- she likes the flag and cookie part ) , approve the minutes, and the usual government filler. Next up, public comments. Ah, the grand old tradition of standing on your soap box and having your say in the town square. Norman Rockwell, a three cornered hat, and all that’s holy under the constitution of the good old USA. But not so fast there Bonky, Doraville has rules. You can’t go willy nilly speaking your mind or complaining about whats wrong or illegal by the council or the employee brain trust. Doraville don’t truck with that kind of attitude. We rednecks have some rules writ down here. We don’t cotton to complaints about our employees a drinkin’, a smokin’ (that’s herbage or store bought), a gettin’ naked in the cop cars with others wives, or clerks table dancin’ at charity functions. We have rules. We ain’t havin’ it!
note: the room was about 85 degrees because they had the heat turned on- the local know it all, the IT guy, city manager thought it was some kind of electrical device situation. After the meeting the local electrician walked in and flipped it over to AC. You know these devises are complex.
The rules for your three minutes at the podium are the following: You may only speak about items on the agenda. You can only guess about the content as you are not allowed any maps, details , descriptions, or pictures- in other words you have to be clairvoyant and allow for a certain amount of windage. You are not allowed a comment during the real discussion later. You can’t ask questions unless of course you voted for the mayor or her four council buddies – then you can babble on for 15 -20 minutes.
More to come on sidewalk Redux

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