Doraville council raise your taxes – Again!!

The Doraville city council voted 4 to 1 to raise the mil rate from 8 mil to 9 mil. This raise comes on the heals of the raise from 7.5 mil to the charter max of 8 mil. The council simply had our area state house rep, Elena Parent, change the charter to allow the new and higher increase. This leaves Doraville with a total mil rate of 47 mils- higher than over half the cities in Dekalb county!
Dunwoody 39 mils, chamblee 46 mils, atlanta -dekalb 46 mils for example.
This Mayor and council is like the old man driving down the road with the right blinker on – you just know he is going to make a left hand turn at the fork in the road. They voted to spend the city’s savings, could not keep track or control the spending for the last three years- so they raised the taxes and fees to the max the law would allow. Even with all this taxing and firing the least paid – the projected loses are still 500,000 to 1.2 million. ( depending on whose numbers they want you to believe).

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