Chamblee slum area to move to Doraville! Thanks Mayor, council, and the village idiots in the development department!!




DSC_6940_0002The Buford highway flea market in Chamblee is closing for area redevelopment and possibly moving everything to the former Kmart site in Doraville. See enclosed documents.
Flea markets in the metro Atlanta got their start, in the current form, during the eighties. Chamblee, Memorial drive in Dekalb, and Forest Park were experiencing a large influx of immigrants. First Vietnamese (following the war), followed by a area overwhelming mexican and south american hispanic groups, Indian and Pakastani, and Korean-Chinese business influx . Federal and state politicians saddled the cities along buford highway such as Chamblee, Doraville, Norcross, south gwinnett and other small towns like clarkston with this burden. The banks red lined everything south of Peachtree Industrial and the Dekalb School system did likewise. A instant Government created slum area. Created by the Federal and Georgia state governments-then isolated by the same Governments. Like the post Civil war south- the carpetbaggers, scalawags, slumlords and smarmy government profiteer types were there to pray on the poor, the long term residents, and the legal and illegal immigrants alike.

Chamblee international village disaster

Buford highway, sr13, ran through the heart of a thriving commercial area in Chamblee and Doraville during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and mid eighties. Located between Chamblee Tucker Road and Chamblee Dunwoody Rood on Buford highway near the pdk airport, the Irs and CDC – a small shopping center. The anchor store for this center was a discount chain store called Zayre. Grouped on the same property was a Trust company Bank, a large KFC restaurant, and number of smaller businesses in well kept buildings. Nearby streets were populated by equally well kept sixties garden style apartments. Then came the immigrant explosion and with the wave came the predators with local scalawags and sleezy politicians only too happy line their pockets.
The Zayre store closed and was reopened by a US politician by the name of Pat Swindell. The new business was called the Buford highway flea market. The store was divided into hundreds of small stalls selling every thing from lingerie ( modeled by young enterprising ladies and their agents) knives, guns, hair cuts, and everything in between.The store became the epicenter for immigrant traffic- legal and illegal. Crime in the area sky rocketed and Chamblee Mayor, Chamblee police sat by and did nothing. The KFC next store went out of business. The Colonel’s restaurant became a bus station for bus traffic from Texas, Mexico, and south America. The Trust Company bank closed, Jumper Chevrolet closed ( later bought and moved to Peachtree industrial as Jim Ellis Chevrolet), the Toyota dealership did the same. Scores of businesses large and small followed as the crime escalated, day labor populated the street corners, trash littered the streets, drugs, gangs all were sucked in the eye of the storm. The center of the storm was the Buford highway flea market.
Chamblee wants to clear out the whole area. Clear out the decades old problem they created. Where is the problem going to move?
2 miles North on Buford Hway, SR13, to the empty Kmart in Doraville.( Sears/Kmart wanted to demo the building but the mayor and her staff wanted the building tax money) Like Chamblee in the eighties, the Mayor and her council are inviting any business- no matter how problematic- as long as they think they are going to get something out of it. The Doraville government Scalawag’s turn to line their pockets at the expense of the citizens and businesses of Doraville. More latter…… see the following documents.

mercado plaza layout

Mercado plaza rental offer

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3 Responses to Chamblee slum area to move to Doraville! Thanks Mayor, council, and the village idiots in the development department!!

  1. Oh, Hi Mark says:

    Interesting article, but it looks as if the Zayre building is next to the current Buford Highway Farmers Market.

    I’d love to know the origins of the old flea market building, I’ve always admired the architecture. While not having a flea market down the street sounds great, the building they’ll be replacing it with is just a different sort of eye sore.

    The anchor store is a farmer’s market. That will make three farmers markets in less than three miles on Buford HWY – I guess people need lots of veggies to pawn things, cash checks and get their feet massaged.

    • No. The Buford Farmer’s Market is in the old Treasure Island building, which was replaced by Home Depot (store #2) and TJ Maxx. They were in turn replaced by a couple of stores and a bowling alley, finally settling on the Farmers Market (a cool way to waste an afternoon, by the way).

      The Flea Market was the Zayre. But that wasn’t the Flea Market’s original location. That was the old Arlen’s store, which now the Lindbergh MARTA station.

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