Waffle house sues the city, county and gdot !

Doravilleonline news has learned from Dekalb and Gdot officials that 1500 ft of storm water pipes from the QT on Buford highway to the stream located behind the metro bank building have collapsed in multiple locations. Buford highway, Jesse Norman way, Buford highway sidewalks, and multiple areas behind the waffle house are pock marked with sink holes. The city is being cited as the party responsible because it is collecting the storm water fees to maintain these systems and is responsible for the storm water system. The city has come under fire for using its storm water fees to buy an $44,000 pickup truck and fund 500,000 pork paving projects for key voters and donors. The city has a est. 20,000,000 crumbling storm water problem. IMG_2148
The track hoe fell into sink hole while repairing a wall behind the waffle house- operator was unharmed.
The waffle house located at Jesse Norman and buford highway.

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