Doraville and ‘townhouse style’ condo project caught up in scandal!


The picture is a 2004 water color presentation of a townhouse project presented to neighborhood groups. The development was described as a group of high quality $335,000 fee simple brick townhouses facing Chestnut road. The background shows water and the stream that forms the border of the property. Old growth forest and new specimen trees.
The Townhouses were to be built close to Chestnut to keep them out of the water, flood plain, and for environmental reasons. The slope was another major factor claimed.

The Plans didn’t match the water color, what was built didn’t match what was approved, and the land didn’t match the drawing.

The developers had a local neighborhood group and the mayor of the city convinced that the 8 to 10 town houses built close to the road would be a positive for the neighborhood. The rest of the neighborhood was not convinced, for good reasons, as we shall see. The Townhouse project presented and what was built- well- This is the story of Doraville Georgia. The greed and ignorance of its politicians, the desperation of the neighborhoods to do better, and the sad results – a town that has everything going for it – of being duped.

The story will take you through a brief history of the 7 acre lot, the area and neighborhoods. Pictures, maps, zoning changes and minutes of meetings to document this project. The topic is sensitive and controversial in the city. Recent events may end up in court- both civil and perhaps criminal. Whatever the outcome, the old adage is true.
often the cover up is worse than the lie.
The 1991- 2004 zoning map from the rezoning period 2005 shows the chestnut place condo area was zoned R-1 prior to the 7 acres being rezoned to R-SFA with conditions in 2005.
The 2006 offical Doraville zoning map copy shows the chestnut place project to be be rezoned to R-SFA single family detatched). The 2005 rezoning indicated the project presented by: the builder, Lee Walton of The planning firm of Roberts co.( did review for City of Doraville), Dekalb county, and the City of Doraville the R-SFA rezoning was for fee simple townhouses facing chestnut like the water color.
Zoning Adopt Official Street_index_Map_05-12-10_exist_nogridlines
This 2010 copy of the official Doraville Zoning map Shows the property zoned R-4c. Residential- condominiums with conditions. The site was rezoned in 2009 to match what was built. Condos, not fee simple townhouses, were built. A set of conditions were added to correct a mess created by a bankrupt development that seemed to follow none of the original plans.

Copy of the rezoning conditions r-4c conditional, minutes, list of conditions, r-4 zoning:
Agenda 5-24-2010 MCC

Minutes 05-24-10

RZ – Chestnut Place Condos


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