TOPIX- Problems with new Doraville planner?

The doraville Topix had a interesting post yesterday. a new planner was not fully vetted by the then acting mayor and now elected Donna Pittman. The hiring of new employees requires a criminal background check, drug test, motor vehicle record, and E verify ( legal citizen). In addition, some sensitive areas require a polygraph / voice stress test ( those involved with large sums of money or large projects). The human resource director ( City Clerk) is responsible for organizing this information. This is extremely disturbing if true.
The city has been racked by money loses, misspent and uncollected monies- now this. Donna Pittman has avoided all press questions on these topics. The City web site has not provided details on council agendas, zoning matters, and in fact dead air for the last 8 months.
I think its time to start asking serious questions and more importantly getting answers.
1. new construction details and approvals not being made public.
2. Liquor licenses and businesses tax permits being issued without proper documents and meeting state and local code.
3. Lack of compliance of Georgia zoning procedures act.
4. Permits and hiring without checking mandated E verify.
More to come……….Tom
Lilburn, GA
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Allegedly the new super director of Planning and Development failed his voice stress test?

What’s the City do?

Since if this is a condition for employment, why wasn’t this found out earlier?
Greenville, SC
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I’m sure Donna will grant a variance to retain him if need be.

No worse than the busines clerk and the aide with a felony on the record.

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