Doraville Annexation Train Wreck!

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The troubled little town of Doraville Georgia suffered a major setback with a controversial two part annexation in last Tuesday’s election. Voters, in the proposed annexation area south of the city, overwhelmingly said no. This is the third unsuccessful attempt by the City since 2007 to grab control of $325,000,000 of businesses, homes, plus police control of I85 north and I285 known as spaghetti Junction.
See voter results below.

Annexations by cities surrounding Doraville have been successful using a voter referendum. Georgia law provides four distinct methods for city and counties to annex or de annex lands. The Georgia Municipal association provides a easy cook book of rules to follow and provides assistance. Doraville, the metro Atlanta problem child, couldn’t follow those simple instructions. They had to go around the process in their land grab to fund a back room deal. Quote from a Georgia House rep ” If this vote goes south on the annexation, this is going to be a big mess”. Lets take a look at the mess, how it was created, why and where all this is headed.
See annexation Gma report below

The new City of Dunwoody and neighbor Chamblee annexed unincorporated land on the northern border of Doraville in a three city referendum in 2007. The two other cities were successful but Doraville’s bid was defeated by the voters in the annexation area. This created a island. Time passed, new state house reps, new city council. The “new” state legislators “gave” Doraville the northern annexation area in 2013 without a referendum. The voters in the area cried foul. They were not given a voice or a choice between Dunwoody or Doraville. The old State and senate reps were ethical, required a vote – the new reps and Doraville Mayor were not so concerned about ethics or peoples rights. They just took the land without so much as a letter of warning.

The same Legislators led by Scott Holcomb (dem) and Tom Taylor (republican) tried the same scam for the southern end of the city. This attempt presented a different set of problems and driven by a different purpose. There was no unincorporated island, larger area and more voters, and had been defeated twice like the northern annexation area. The purpose was different and more pressing- Money and land. The city needed the 325,000,000 land value for a 10% city land value bond requirement to underwrite a bankrupt developer in a Gm site land scheme. They could not wait until all the rules were followed- they needed the collateral NOW! The GM deal was closing. They promised the money in a backroom deal, now the Mayor and her cronies had to deliver. Problem – the voters outside of Doraville are apparently a little smarter than the two reps and Doraville City hall. They didn’t cooperate – strike three -Doraville was out. But this created a bigger mess.

The Mess:

Voter Results: November 5th election results

GMA on Georgia annexation law and proposed annexations:2014_07_16_gsu_annexation_report

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