Doraville Mayor puts Two Million Gal beer bottling plant in the middle of a neighborhood

Small micro breweries are sprouting up across the US. These brew pubs or growlers serve a Cheers atmosphere with food and a fresh tasty malt beverage. Beer brewed in shiny 200 gal vessels in a old exposed brick converted warehouse atmosphere.
Micro breweries rarely produce more than 16,000 gal per year. food, beverage, and local meeting place for a small town to gather.

This is the picture presented to the Doraville city council. Simple, right? The plan presented by Donna Pittman, the ex mall guard mayor, dysfunctional staff, and a ‘applicant’ who was considering opening a business. The ‘applicant’, the city was spending time and taxpayer resources on, wanted the zoning changed to allow a beer bottling plant. Not a micro brew pub/restaurant. Yes, no food, no cheers, no everyone knows your name. Just a big ugly , multi million gal bottling plant, truck traffic, smelly, exploding, neighborhood yeast infection next to a park and two streams. Thanks to Donna and her fellow dimwits.
The council voted to change the planning commission recommendation by going from a 16,000 gal micro to a full size bottling plant. The vote was 3 to 2. Donna Pittman’s step and fetch it on the council Robert Patrick, The beer guzzling Maria Alexander, and of course the rolling ethics violation, Pam Flemming. Ms Flemming making the comment” I don’t care what he builds (applicant) I’ll vote yes”.
Standards aren’t very high here in Doryville!
Donna Pittman and Pam Flemming are up for re election in November. Chances of these two nitwits of being voted back in are nil. Perhaps ‘Laverne and Shirley’ think they can get a job at the bottling plant after being thrown out of office.
Dawn O’connor and Sharon Spangler voted against the change in the zoning law to allow the heavy industrial use in the neighborhood.
The only audience members for the plant were two people who got a recent zoning hookup from Donna. One wearing a bad wig the other a shirt with a beer sponsor emblazoned across his chest. A little tit for tat.
Reason enough for good development to run for the exits.

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  1. Trish says:

    Who writes this stuff? Sounds like someone who has an axe to grind.
    Name calling and unsubstantiated allegations are never productive.
    It’s exactly the opposite. Obviously no real news here, just an outlet
    for someone. Let me guess, Thomas is Tom Hart???

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