Doraville GM developer sells out for 20 million!

The former GM Doraville assembly plant site has been sold by the Intergral group, who had purchased the site from GM. The Intergral holding company, Doraville Sixty, sold the remaining 120 acre parcel for 20 million after paying 50 million to GM for the original 165 acres. Dekalb tax records show the parcel that just sold for 20 million, to be worth 48,000,000.
Doraville Sixty and Development Authority docs – filed Jan 2017

The GM site has seen a lot of controversy since the Atlanta public housing developer purchased the site on a 50 million dollar balloon note three years ago. Taxpayers, the Dekalb school system,
and local residents have balked using public funds to develop the site. 65 acres of body shops, new and used car lots have popped up and millions of the local government’s tax money squandered.
More to come….

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