Dekalb gives the green light to Doraville public housing project

TAD passed Dekalb County
Public housing may be a form of housing tenure in which the property is owned by a government authority. Euphemisms such as affordable housing , work force housing, non market rate housing are used in an effort to market these ‘projects’. Housing projects entered into with such nice titles like ‘public-private partnerships’. Social housing by a developer that specializes in subsidized rental units with his ownership- paid for by ‘unique’ taxpayer paid money schemes.
The Doraville government, with the help of a host of enablers, has asked the Camel to come in and have a seat in the tent. While most jurisdictions keep the ARC and central government planners at arms length. The mayor of Doraville georgia and her council aren’t quite as perceptive. They had the Government planners of the ARC and a slick developer take care of ‘everything’. Including all the taxpayer’s money, property and future for the next 35 years.
Tuesdays vote by Dekalb county passed a TAD intergovernmental agreement for 200 million in bonds with only the illusion of oversight. The agreement makes possible 1.8 billion will be borrowed in a government owned lease back development. No taxes will go to the city, county or the collapsing Dekalb school system for 30 to 35 years. Some questions were asked but the entire 7 member commission voted to send a pile of notes (no draft was approved ) IGA to Doraville for approval. The New CEO of Dekalb, Micheal Thurmond, twisted a lot of arms on the behalf of his fat cat friends at the state capital, developer buddies and Washington.
Possibly the most corrupt county in georgia is making a backroom deal with possibly the most corrupt city in georgia. The largest public housing project, 200 million in bloated public works projects coupled with 60 to 110 acres of body shops, car lots, bus stations, marta and low income medical and social services. No money for the tens of thousands of school kids, no money for water, fire, sewage, police and city services for 30 years.
Requests for the documents or notes voted on are not available per Dekalb county. They did not vote on a draft document, as per the law, but an illegally assembled document after the meeting was over. The public has no access to the document before the Doraville city council meeting meeting. Doraville’s council members will not answer questions, return emails or phone calls.

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