Doraville adds four more car lots to the GM development

The former GM car manufacturing plant in Doraville becomes more of retail car lot and body repair facility every day. The city’s mayor and council held public meetings and made it very clear to the owners of the Falcons and Braves they were not welcome. Car companies like Porsche and Mercedes were given the cold shoulder when corporate offices were mentioned. No sports or corporate offices. 75 acres of the original 192 acre site are now filled with body shops, new and used cars, and large storage lots of new car inventories from surrounding dealers from Chamblee. Who is responsible for this developmental nightmare? Who voted to change the zoning and what politician received the cash and prizes?
To be continued…

See New Hennesey 379 car storage lot site plans under construction between the Lexus dealer and the Brandsmart 005_SITE – EB approved (Hennessy Vehicle Storage Lot)

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