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The AJC reported that all was well in the City of Doraville. They had hired a city manager, reorganized, and in three short months they claim they went from a financial disaster to money in the bank and all is well. Doravilleonlinenews thought we might ought to run this by the baloney meter and do some fact checking. The article was posted by the beat reporter April Hunt from a pr blurb from the city manager via Robert Kelly, the new pr person hired by the new city manager. More on this cozy relationship later. Just the facts ma’am.

The copy in the ajc by April Hunt states:

” By April Hunt
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Doraville City Manager recently reported that the north DeKalb City is on pace to end the year with nearly $2.8 million in its fund balance.

That is more than double the $1.2 million left over in 2011, when the city reorganized its structure to better handle the $1 million yearly loss in revenue from the closing of the General Motors plant.” The Atlanta Journal 2013

The City of Doraville had 1.2 million in its unaudited ( the city council has yet to approve year end pre audit changes of fund balances) 6-31-13 year end. This is down from the 10,000,000 fund balance that City had on hand when the current council took office and spent it all. 1.2 million is all they have in reserve to service a 9 million plus budget. So there was no 1.2 million dollar left over from the year end. 1.2 million represents the savings or cash balance. The baloney meter says: False

“1 million yearly loss from the close of the GM Plant”

First let’s turn on the meter and let it warm up while we get up to speed with a little back ground info on the writer or writers of the article.
April Hunt is from Akron Ohio and has been a north metro reporter for the ajc for the past 8 years. She has a very cozy relationship with the good old boys and girls that run Doraville along with the low rent strip mall owners. If you want investigative journalism, best look elsewhere. She will go to the mat for the local thugs.

The new city manager: Shawn . Ice and snow of Minnesota got to be too much for the wife and kids. He headed south to take a job with Doraville as the new city manager. The pay: 117,000 a year, a new car, 20,000 moving expense, phone, insurance, upfront retirement, free reign with the city checkbook, plus cash and prizes too lengthy for this story.

The new PR person hired by Shawn: Robert Kelly, paid 15,000/year plus unknown goodies. Bob is the actual writer that feeds April her Doraville info. He is the campaign advisor and writer for the former mayoral candidate, Carol Gilman ( who is currently the chairman of the planning commission).

More to come….

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