49cm3, Gwinnett commissionors stealing money, and Dumb Gwinnett cops

This story is too good to hold back but will have to wait till monday. Seems I have found what Forrest Gump did after making his movie. He joined the Gwinnett police and is now the best and brightest in the force. This a funny story but sad because it is so pitiful. All the stolen money and corrupt politicians in Gwinnett has resulted in them hiring only the feeble minded and buying little cheap cars from government motors to stock the short handed police force.
The story includes speed traps, Suwanee Georgia, home of the foreclosed Nouveau Riche and perhaps more Gwinnett corruption??
Gwinnett long time home of bootleggers, car thieves, drug runners, and crooked cops and a long list of crooked politicians has not changed its stripes.
The Red Plum Massacre to the latest Lassiter and Kennerly trials only illustrate why Gwinnett was the last metro county to populate. The mental and moral swamp land that no one wanted to move to or develop.
My story is one of several experiences in Gwinnett that are all too familiar to anyone who travels this zoning arm pit. Corrupt politicians, corrupt and poorly educated police and government workers and a trail of ill fated development that comes only from money being handed under the table. ( See Doraville)
After taking the questions to the Chief of Police of Gwinett, I was turned over to his aid – a Lt. xxxx whose job was to cover his boss’s butt. No service there. The Watch commander was next. He said he would council his dim witted patrolman on 3rd grade math and work on his reading comprehension skills. It be became apparent that perhaps there was a whole building full of these dimwits- they gave all of them a gun, a car and let them loose on the streets each day- Scarey.
The Court. I arrived in court promptly at 8:00 prepared to defend myself with a satchel full of documents, photos, and plans. The case was thrown out by the judge with a shush for the prosecutor when she objected. His words were- The man does not need a tag or registration for a 49 cc scooter ( 49cm3). She was not happy! I got my paper work to add to the collection for future stops by semi literate Gwinnett police.(Lot of good that will do in Gwinnett with their 1st grade math and reading comprehension skills)
My next stop is the small claims court to recover my towing fees… More to come.

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Who is paying for the movies in Doraville’s Honeysuckle Park?

The summertime Movie under the stars series takes place on the playing fields of Doraville’s Honeysuckle Park. Children and parents gather 3 times a year to provide mosquitoes and politicians a feeding opportunity on the taxpayers Tab. $5,000 plus at last count. Who got this started and why the project stayed. Who is paying for the series after the council voted not to fund it anymore? No budget item for the park this year!
Donna Pittman said the series would be 100% funded by business sponsors. This has not been the case w/ the city picking up the tab!
Donna Pittman needed a project to put on her campaign flyers. This was going to be tough. Donna ( plus her mall guard job) had been on the council for 6 years, collecting a paycheck and free insurance. Problem, That is the only thing she had done for 6 years, sitting and collecting money. She had to run for office on a blank platform. She asked everyone, including the mayor, if they had something she could take credit or a photo. It came down to a phoney tree planting ( that cost the taxpayer, the city, over $10,000 for 6 trees) and movies under the stars.
Movie under the stars was a idea hatched in the fertile brain of a local writer named Susan Crawford. Susan had attended a movie in the park with her children and grand children in the Carolinas. She thought this would be a great idea for a local neighborhood park sponsored by a local business. Donna grabbed the idea and ran with it. What a great vote buying opportunity. Voting parents, feel good without commitment, and no cost to her. The taxpayers (city) could pay for it.
Advanced disposal is the local trash collector. Advanced Disposal gets its contracts through the vote of the city council and the mayor’s office. Advance Disposal is a long time contributor to Donna Pittman and any self serving Donna Project. ( 100’s of bicycle s for a school that her kids attend, strange council bid votes that are won by a single dollar each time, etc, etc, etc.More on this later…… Advance Disposal has a close personal friend called Donna Pittman. Kiss,Kiss..
Advance Disposal was brought in to pay for the Movie Under the stars or as its become known as ‘Donna in the Park series’. The slow pay of Advanced turned into no pay by Advanced. The city ( taxpayer) was stuck with the bill. The council voted not to pay for the movies, The budget for the movies was not approved, Donna Pittman went on the council minutes record as saying ” all the money will come from business donations”.
The Mayor needs to cough up the $10,000 by non tit for tat ( permits in exchange for donations) business donations or it should be deducted from her $70,000 salary. Plus Doraville Police services, maintenance, and employee costs.
How many of the people who attend the movies are non politicians and residents of the city ( taxpayers) ? The park is surrounded by unincorporated Dekalb county apartments, housing and don’t contribute a dime for the services.
Who is paying for the Labor Day weekend Movie? The council elected to cancel.

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Doraville is officially a nationally recognized slum!!!

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Illegal Nightclub operates with the help of the Doraville police !!!!!

The thumping bass, bright purple and blue lights, girls with their party dresses on and the din of the dance floor caught my senses as I stopped for gas at the new Quick Trip on Buford highway. The side door of the large metal building that houses the La Casona Columbian restaurant, on the hill behind the station, was open for business. Curious person that I am, this needed closer inspection. All the illegal nightclubs that have popped up since Donna Pittman took over the Mayor’s office REQUIRED a closer inspection.
Turning left out of the Quicktrip onto Stewart Avenue I was greeted by a hillside of parked cars and trucks. Parked all over the publicly maintained grassy right of way that separates Stewart ave from Motors Industrial. ( Note: Why aren’t the cops giving them tickets? – we will see why as the story progresses). Traveling up Steward toward the La Casona restaurant, the street and all the parking lots of all the businesses are full. Many cars sticking out in the road. ( Note: where are the cops, last I recall Doraviile has a few cops – we shall see why they are not on the streets).
Things were so interesting, I went back to my scooter and got my camera and recorder.
I rode my bike in from Stewart Road, through the full parking lot to find not one but two shiny new Doraville Police vehicles were backed into spaces next to the front entrance of the La Casona restaurant. Both vehicles were running, one with its lights on. I parked near the front door. The establishment had one or two men, not policemen, checking IDs and frisking the people entering the “restaurant”. ( I am asking myself at this point, when is the last time I got frisked and carded at the front door of baldinos or IHop or Montereys for that matter)
The front of the restaurant, that was in clear view from the window, had the usual table and chairs, etc. What was not usual, no one was sitting in them. Strange, a line of people were being frisked, carded, who had parked all over the landscape, and then disappearing through the back door of the restaurant. Ah, the banging night club you could see from the hill behind Quick Trip. The large metal warehouse that makes up the vast majority of the La Casona building is a night club. Sort of like a speak easy.
So what is with the two shiny Doraville Police cars sitting next to the front door? Are they there to issue a bundle of tickets, check out the license to operate a night club, tell the owners that they need to move all the cars out of the city right of way and off the grass?? NO, No sports fans. They are working for La Casona ‘restaurant.
I walked up to the closed window on the shiny Dodge Charger- car # 1079. The sport utility was car # 1134. The officer opened the window and I inquired if they were on the job or just hanging out. The policeman made a smart reply. I asked if this was a nightclub and why were there cars parked all over the city maintained right of way. His answer, with the same smart ass attitude. ” So what” I told him I was calling the chief to get to the bottom of what these two were up to. This policeman and his partner sat there while people exited with what looked like mixed drinks & drink glasses and walked up and down Steward Avenue consuming.
I made a phone call to Major Atkinson, the acting chief of police. No answer, left a message. I have a few questions for the chief, the city council, and the Mayor:
1. How does La cosona get a liquor license next to a church. Same question of the Quick Trip and others around the church property.
2.Who issued the liquor license, who issued a permit for what amounts to another illegal night club?
3. Who at city hall decided that parking on the city maintained grass entrance to the city center was ok?
4. Why are not one but two new shiny police vehicles running on city gas sitting in the parking lot while all of this is going on? Note: A burglar alarm on Carnetts car wash was ringing the whole time with no response.
This whole thing smacks of the good ol boys and the days of Chief Davis ( The chief fired and indicted for misuse of funds). Remember the channel 46 news reports of Davis junior with the working girls sitting on the hood of his police car in front of Mustache Mikes? Misuse of city property while ignoring the public safety.
I have photos, recordings, and a lot more questions.
Too be followed up on. Made another call to the police chief- got a email.
Update: The la Casona has been quiet since this post. Stewart Ave and the City right of ways saw the first night without the clutter on Friday night. Illegal vehicles on Stewart ave have disappeared from the shops along the streets. cars on blocks, no tags, and illegal parking has stopped. I guess Woody, our smart mouth policeman, and Lt. Lover boy have new assignments. See the car numbers, not hard to figure out boys. The police department requires that all after hour jobs come through the department and be approved. Question – who approved this job.
The whole thing reminds me of the Drossman affair, nightclub, Donna Pittman involving herself in the chain of command, and lt. lover boy.
The ex mall guard, Donna Pittman, is telling everyone that it was a birthday party. In a pigs eye! This nonsense has been going on for months.

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Mayor of Doraville shuts down a meeting to block a press interview

Donna Pittman, Mayor of Doraville Georgia, called for a brief 10 to 20 minute break during a highly charged meeting at Doraville city hall monday August 19. The purpose of the meeting was to shove through a plan by her PR assistant, Luke Howe, to have the bulk of the city be considered a federal and state blighted area. The scheme was not well received by a standing room audience that made it very clear that the action or lack thereof of the Doraville Mayor and council were the root cause of the alleged ‘blighting’.
Examples or pictures of sites around the city ( shown at a previous meeting were conspicuous by not being presented at mondays meeting) of ‘blight ‘ seemed to rest squarely on the shoulders of the quality of life and the mayor and staff not doing their jobs. Charges of selective enforcement to charges of favoritism, campaign contribution problems surfaced.
The audience was not aware of a side show being acted out while this battle was taking place. I made a 3 minute comment during the opening citizens comments that caught the attention of the Champion newspaper reporter covering the meeting. During a lull, he asked if I would like to step outside the council chambers to do a interview. He chose a area right outside the Mayor’s office door in clear sight of the Mayor and council while the council was in session. The interview only lasted a couple of minutes when we were interrupted by Mayor Donna Pittman standing between the reporter and myself. Her back was to me while she inserted herself between us. She asked if he liked his new job, if he had been fully briefed before the meeting and how delighted she was that he was the new beat reporter. The chit chat was non stop so I left only to have the reporter reengage me. This time Donna Pittman drug the reporter off to her office and shut the door. This time I left to talk to others at the meeting. I never saw the reporter again.
Having blocked the interview, Donna returned to start the meeting. I doubt the reporter or anyone at the meeting had any idea that the Mayor stopped the council meeting to make sure I didn’t talk to the reporter. This was one of several interruptions or breaks she insisted on when things were definitely not going her way.
More later… on the illegal meeting that took place between Donna Pittman, and her council cronies during one of these breaks. The illegal meeting was broken up by the City attorney after he was notified of what was going on. Apparently, the time out was taken to have a private meeting before the required public hearing comments and a vote.
More to come…

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Doraville Lemmings run off the cliff……Again!!!

The little city of Doraville is once again in the news. No not for a new office building, brownstones, or town square on the top of the highest point in northern Dekalb county. No worries- they will have none of that and have worked feverishly to make sure none of that ‘ crazy stuff’ will happen in Doraville. No, crazy town wants to pass a cold war relic condemnation law from the Eisenhower era and have the city officially designated a blighted area on the national slum area map. This mayor and council have raised the taxes from the lowest to the highest in north Dekalb, lost the entire 7 million dollar city savings, have hired the former attorney for the city’s slum lord as their planner, the Mayor’s campaign pr aide to be the redevelopment manager ( see sidewalks to nowhere). This group of brain surgeons have no idea what to do but call HUD and put in a UN approved public housing project.
Yes the Lemmings run over the cliff in pursuit of one more nut ball idea. Lets red line the city so the massage parlors can apply for a tax credit.
Quality development money is looking for a quality, stable environment. Not a city hell bent on jumping at every federally funded housing program. A city that builds sidewalks to nowhere, a jail in the middle of the central city park, townhouses right in the middle of the lowest point of the city where, magically, all the water goes ( the list is 10 pages long of this nitwit activity) . Yes crazy town has found yet another way to screw up. I might add that all of these hair brained schemes were hatched right here in crazy town. Mayor Donna Pittman ( ex Mall guard) and her council even voted to fill up Buford highway with massage parlors in the middle of a building moratorium. ( Between you and me…shush… be quiet… I said building moratorium where they were rewriting the building and zoning code)
Luke Howe is the Mayors chain smoking assistant. Since the Mayor has a dull normal IQ, the council hired a assistant to write letters, do the pr, make sure she can find her way home at night and lead her around by the nose. The councilman that insisted Mr Howe be hired was of the left wing ilk and wanted the same party loyalist to handle this councilman’s bidding. Mr Howe, had other ideas, saw how weak the council and mayor were, and started his own left wing agenda . So there you have it- Agenda 21, alias, Smart Growth, alias Sustainability, alias, Smart Planning, alias LCI HUD apartments, alias left wing agenda. The Mayor is not capable, uneducated, and some what dim witted in the hands of a skilled far left skilled manipulator. The results have been a disaster for the city. Meanwhile, the council has fallen into a group think comma and are busy working on the complete demise of the city of Doraville. They are all getting along great and have no idea the ship is about to sink. Completely oblivious to the situation
The lemmings are massing for another run over the cliff with the Mayor’s pied piper playing pretty music to lead the way while the group think council is singing in five part harmony.

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T-splost redux or Agenda 21 comes to doraville

The Doraville city agenda tonight was put together by Luke Howe ( not present) and his boss Mayor- ex mall guard- Donna Pittman. One after another the local hustlers, having made arrangements with Pittman and Howe, lined up to take a shot. All the local politicians are smarting from the butt kicking they received on the regional T-Splost vote. The Agenda details, as usual were not found on the city web site or available at the meeting . The goal was the same for all presenters- they all wanted control of the gm site for their own political agenda. The mayor and her voters, as usual, were easily taken in by a few flashy photos and cookies served in the lobby. What is more, the presenters knew they were dealing with a weak crowd.
First on the agenda 21, a HUD sponsored Hustler ( this idiot went so far as to offer his idea of putting a sustainability center in the middle of the GM plant site- like india!!!!) list was this salesman trying to get $10,000 and a commitment for a giant CID that would stretch the length of Buford highway. ( Dumb Donna the ex mall guard ) was trying to cut a deal for two 5000 checks. Our dimwit Mayor thinks that she can spent and make as many deals in the back room if the checks are no more than 5,000 a apiece. she doesn’t understand the budget. She thinks that 40 times $5000 checks are ok as long as the checks are but 5000 at a time.. We talking box of rocks stupid here. The council was starting to ask questions why the business community wasn’t pushing this hustle. They put it off but the local slum lords are on board with this nonsense. They would take over local control, zoning and miles of HUD housing fits with slum marketing.
The CIDs the salesman mentioned were all in un-incorporated areas of counties such as Perimeter Mall CID that formed a quasi government. The CID allows a area to be self taxing, offer police services, streets and infrastructure that a city would provide. The city of Doraville is a incorporated small city that offers all of those services. The problems lies with Donna Pittman ( who has no education or life experiences except low level government employment as a security guard. She was employed by the Perimter Mall CID
The doraville businesses are being taxed but not getting the services of a well run development department.

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Splish Splost taxpayers gonna’ be takin’ a bath lone on this tuesday night

Rub Dub Nathan Deal in the Tub
Georgia power Kasim Reed were a splashin
More to come…

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Why is Clark Howard pimping himself out to promote Tplost- What is the connection??

Clark Howard is the local tight wad / consumer advise radio host on the Cox family owned local Wsb Radio/TV station. Snoop Clarkie Clark, as he is known locally, perhaps gives tight wad a bad name. He is in a league of his own as a certified skin flint. A few excerpts from his show will illustrate how far this man will go to save a penny. We are talking the prince of cheapness.
Clark Howard fancies himself a car expert with alternative energy his area of focus. His car of choice maybe made by slave labor from material obtained by leveling the rain forrest, no problem for Clark, if he can save a farthing . The on air discussion of his taking his daughter to school in a unheated Toyota Prius in the dead of winter illustrates the point. He was driving her to school in electric mode (didn’t want to buy gas) and didn’t want to turn on the electric heat ( that would cost money). His daughter was complaining that it was freezing in the car and colder in the car than outside. Clark said on air” A doctor visit, if she caught a cold, was cheaper than gas to turn on the heat in the car” We are talking ‘cheap bastard’ here.
He damaged his two seat sports car when he advised his listeners that cars do not need premium gas even when they are clearly marked premium only. He had to back track on that advise after blowing up his his own car.
Anything walmart, costco, sams club- heck – he only buys things made in China and forced labor camps. We are talking cheap.
The big question : Why would the penny pincher, Clark, support Nathan Deal’s Pork A Thon? Good question!
Casey Cagle wanted Clark Howard to be on the citizens review board ( See Delphi technique)
Cox family help finance the big pr promo to push T -splost. Cox Enterprises is all hooked up to this UN 21 or Sustainable cities nonsense along with the ARC. The socialist – both republican and Democrates are smarting today. A great victory for the citizens of Georgia!!! These scum bags will be back and Clark Howard needs to get a radio job in Brazil or China- Whoever will pay the most to sell the government nonsense.

$750,000 for $2,000 sidewalk drawings, $600 fiberglass street lamps for $8,600 and $800,000 bridge project for 25,000,000- the list is endless. Why would a guy who steams stamps off envelops and would wear two left shoes to save a dime think this oink fest is a good use of taxpayer money?
Clark appears to have been given marching orders by the cox fat cat bilionaires. WSB radio, the AJC, and WSB have a bend to push for anything the ARC ( Atlanta regional communists) have on their self serving little minds. The ARC is made up political fat cats and their well connected pals. The Cox clan ( Democrat aristocrates) are part of the well heeled connected pals.
Gdot, Clarks new best friends ( Clark Howard went so far as to say the head of Gdot is a good ‘ol boy who would never steer you wrong- sounds like a south georgia used car salesman), are beside themselves with all that money to lay out on their buddies- Georgia power, cw mathews construction, Marta and the good old boys & girls from georgia tech.
! billion is going to local politicians for some serious vote buying without any oversight. If you want to know which politicians we are talking about- see who is pounding the drum for the passage of this daylight armed robbery.
The sad part of this whole mess – this oink fest will do more to impair traffic than help. Projects that would make dramatic change are being pushed aside because they don’t cost enough to allow for “spreading the wealth”. Local greed and stupid will direct the money toward their buddies and the hookup. This is stimulus part 2 – taking money away from a poor public to the line the pockets of the gdot buddy system and their kissing cousins at marta.

So much for the integretity of Clark Howard. His suggestions seem to prompted by who is the highest bidder- contrary to his on air persona. His polite form question of ‘how may i serve you’ begs the questions – Who is Clark Howard serving? -it certainly is not the public’s best interests or getting the best deal for the public’s money.

Shame on you Clark!!!

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Doraville forced to revise its budget 2012

Doraville Georgia, city of less than 10,000 residents in north metro atlanta, has another loosing season. The city is in a 5 year tailspin can’t seem to stop loosing money while raising the taxes to the highest in the north metro area. The taxes now over shadow such spend thrifts as the City of Atlanta and Decatur. The city was flush for years with a great location, low taxes 66% commercial properties that represented virtually every vender in retail. The quiet tree lined neighborhoods were award winning communities with parks and great schools. What went wrong?
The school system disappeared, the town center disappeared, the Gm plant closed, and the smart money and people left town. Like all sad cases across America- the vultures swarm in to pick the remains. Buford highway, the main drag through the city, was once populated by the whose who of retailing. They have been replaced by the dregs of society. Money changers, massage parlors, pawns shops, used car and tire dealers, sleazy lingerie and sex shops. Business that cater to the third world population. Cheap bus stations, no name shops and flea markets that move in and out like their transient customer population. Doraville has become the slum lords paradise and the county dumping ground for what everyone else does not want in their back yard.
The Mayor and council are no exception. Except for one council person who perhaps should live in dunwoody. The Mayor is a ex mall guard, working on husband two or three. She is somewhat dull witted and was a do nothing on the council for eight years to collect a pay check and free insurance ( she was appointed). The old Mayor died and she inherited the position. Not exactly a rocket scientist. The rest are societies rejects put in office by what is left of the old Doraville. A town that has everything going for it and has squandered every opportunity. Europe in the dark ages when the brain power died off- no one to operate the controls or how to build things.
These sad creatures have fallen into the hands of vultures called consultants and sub contractor venders …. to be continued

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